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Friday, June 4, 2010

Miriwe from Kigali International Airport !

We are about 20 minutes until boarding – waiting at the airport in Kigali. Today was a pretty ‘chill’ day – we spent a lot of time buying souvenirs at an artist co-op. It was kind of a struggle to spend all of our money, but we all managed. There was some really awesome stuff there ! After souvenir shopping, we headed to the UTC to have some lunch and get a chance to buy coffee or tea. (Matt : I even found a screw in my schwarma ! Luckily, this unfortunate discovery yielded a hefty discount on lunch. After lunch, we headed to the airport, and checked in. We’re waiting at the gate now !

Before heading out this morning, we all went to see the sun rise over ASYV. It was really beautiful, and despite our exhaustion from waking up at 5, we all enjoyed it. After heading back and eating some breakfast, we were witness to the planting of a new tree at Agahozo Shalom – one commemorating the Tufts 2010 trip ! The tree will hopefully one day grow to be a beautiful African Tulip tree.


Sorry about missing yesterday ! Here’s a brief summary of the happenings :

Yesterday morning, we did our final portion of the construction project. As Rachel said the night before, we had an incredibly strong finish and pulled through with flying colors. We then had a fantastic discussion about how we are going to bring the spirit of ASYV over the summer – writing newspaper articles, speaking at our high schools, churches and temples, organizing parlor meetings, etc. and then back to Tufts. It was really inspiring to hear everyone’s ideas and I cannot wait to get started.

Next, we packed and took breaks to hang out with the kids. I hung out with the photo club for a while- admiring the breathtakingly beautiful pictures they have all taken of each other, capturing a magnificence I hope they recognize themselves. We then played the mostly especially fun game of soccer (or futbol as they say in Rwanda) I have ever played in my life. Although ASYV won 1-0 against the mighty Tufts Jumbos, the camaraderie, teamwork, and love on the field was palpable.

Closing the day with an amazing family time was the most wonderful ending to a spectacular week.

The plane is starting to board so we have to go.
Signing off !

-Matt and Hillary

P.S. This just in. Rachel asked a Ethiopian Airlines staff member why we weren’t boarding (as our boarding time was about 24 minutes ago). She looked at the ticket, and said that the boarding time was 3 :00. Rachel informed her of the time, and the woman said : « Oh my goodness ! We need to board ! » and ran off. See you tomorrow, hopefully !

P.P.S. Boarding now !

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